Yoga competition

EPS, Kharbi students participated in International yogasana championship.

Centunes and fete

EPS celebrated its centunes 19-20 along with fete in the school campus. The function was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Pre- primary students participated whole heartedly whereas their parents witnessed their school lives in the form of skit, songs, dances and poetry recitation. Fete was also a great success where parents enjoyed different games […]

Independence day

The day marks the anniversary of national independence from the British empire on 15 august 1947. In EPS Independence day were celebrated with great pleasure.


Student of EPS added another feather in their cap after successful participation in IT feast Quiz Organised by NIIT n guru.

Founder’s day celebration

Founder’s day is traditionally a very important day in the school calendar. Students and staff meet to commemorate those who founded the school and who have bequeathed resources to its development. In EPS Founder’s day was celebrated on 1st August 2019 very enthusiastically.

Janmashtami celebration

Lord Krishna’s birth is an important part in Hindu religion and the day celebrated as Janmashtmi  all over the country. EPS also celebrated this day in the school campus under the supervision of our Principal. All the kids participated in Dahi handi competition and they dressed up like Radha and Krishna.

Chrysalis day celebration

EPS organised “CHRYSALIS DAY’ for all the students of I to IV. They performed various skit, dances and acts on this day.

Lunch in ground (sharing and caring)

An interaction activity was organised by EPS for the all students to build the idea of sharing and caring with peers and inculcate good manners and good habits in the children. Therefore students were taken to the ground .Teachers instructed about sharing and caring habits and enjoyed the food with children.

Green colour day celebration

With colours one obtains prosperity that indicates greenery and wealth. A unique idea of celebration of Green colour day was brought about by EPS. On this day children wore green colour dresses .

Birthday celebration

EPS celebrated the birthdays of students  that falls in the month of August, September, October….respectively.

Olympiad Exam

National level science, Maths, English knowledge Olympiad exams were conducted in EPS . Students from EPS appeared for this exam. Our students performed well.