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From Principal Desk

Dear parents,

“Education is to young intellect with tool to ascend high and think beyond zenith”

In my endeavor to identify in one aspect in education which should be imported to students in school which will help then to be equipped with 21st century skills ‘freedom’ emerges as a key factor.

As education is an effective means of transmitting civilization and it is out education to nurture it one of the most significant decision parents make on behalf of their child’s personality ability talents.

My philosophy regarding education is that should encompass development of the entire personality of an individual academic creative social, physical, emotional, and spiritual. In East point school. We care for attend to each their students there by helping them to realize their optimum potential.

It is well know that cultural play a very important role as the seed so is the tree so it becomes the duty of the parents. Teacher and society are to impart cultural values of the children.

We all are aware that values are thought but are caught the elder themselves here to exhibit foundness for Indian culture and not blindly follow the west our children need to move away from the hard mentality they need to have creative  and  critical thinking the power of problem – solving and decision making these can be thought in school were the children spend most of their time , teacher ,their mother needs to be well-equipped to help children face the challenges of the present generation on our institution management director ,principal, teacher think that all the children are like their own children and so provide lots of love and care they show towards the live they touch.

They need to feel that child is journey and not a race not only these, but they need to focus towards making the child a good human being and a good child and better child the best.

We also aim to create an atmosphere where our students are prepared to successfully meet challenging tasks in life ahead by making them capable and by self confidence in them, our school is proud a wide range of facilities to promote academics, sports, cultural and a plethora of opportunities for overall development of each child. We are sure and are geared up to fulfill this mission with the support and co-operation from you and your wards.

Mrs. Krishna Choudhary, Principal


The School Aims At Making The Students Attain Self Fulfillment In Their Personal Lives And Become Useful Member Of The Community To Which They Belong And Their By Become Useful Citizens Of Our Motherland India.

To Achieve This, The Students Are Assisted To Grow , Morally Intellectually, Physically And Socially By Forming In Then Habits Of Basic Virtual Like Honesty, Dedication ,Hard Work, Excellence Both In Academic And Non-Academic Activities, Habits of Health Care and Aesthetic Values to Our Ancient Heritage.


  • Our school management provides bus facilities if requested by the students of all the section
  • The pickup points and the address of students should be provided by the parents in a written format to the school authorities and the respective bus conductor.
  • It is mandatory to maintain discipline and decorum by the students while travelling by the school bus.


We have an in-house cafeteria in our school. We serve fresh and healthy food items in our cafeteria at an very affordable cost.


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