About Us

Welcome to Tejswini Vidya Mandir 

Tejswini Vidya Mandir was founded in 1980 by late Shri. Chandulalalji Bhawarlalji Katariya and his wife Late Smt. Kantadevi Chandulalji Katariya. They were a benevolent couple who believed in giving back to the society many folds more than what they had received from it.

They worked towards spreading education in the true sense and took initiatives to instils valuers like patriotism, life management skills etc as part of learning. While imparting education that helped students to become confident & develop well rounded personalities.

  • Create favourable environment to develop creativity, nurture talent, and spontaneity
  • Offer modern tools, amenities, and strategies of teaching. E.g. E- learning
  • Centrally located with well equiped modern facilities and an infrastructure
  • Channelizing young & curious minds to become disciplined and responsible citizens
  • Going a step beyond classroom education & teaching students Life management skills

About Our School

Our Vision

It is better to conquer yourself then to win thousand battles then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you not by angels nor by demons, Heaven or Hell.

Our Mission

Groom Strong, Empowered, Enabled, Energized  &  Confident Students to offer conducive and vibrant learning environments for our future global citizens.

Aim & Objectives

The school with the motto Conquer Thyself aims at managing, administrating and carrying out various activities with an objective to uplift the standard of our society.

What Our Students Say