Extra Curricular Activities


In order to achieve all round development of the students ,we conduct various sports events at our school.

Outdoor games like Football, Cricket , Volley Ball, Hand ball are played during the games session through out the academic session.

We also encourage our students to play in door games like chess in our school.

Sports like Field and Track events are also an integral part of our Extra Curricular Activities.

Functions and Celebrations

Apart from the academic knowledge we make sure that the students are aware of the national, social and religious celebrations of our country.

We celebrate Independence Day,  Republic Day, Teachers’ day and Children’s day in our school.

Annual day is celebrated in a very grand way together by our teachers and students every year. Students take part in the various games are conducted on the Sports Day.

Teacher’s get a change to interact and discuss on various topics with other fellow teachers from other schools in the Inter-School Get Together.

Indian festivals of all the communities and religions are celebrated in our school.Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Id ,Diwali and Christmas are some of the festivals that are celebrated in our school.


A healthy competition gives the students the required passion and focus towards the activities. We therefore conduct various competitions like Elocution, Recitation, Debate , Quiz , Creative Writing , General Knowledge. Competitions for Drawing and craft, story writing & narration, singing ,fancy Dress and dance are also conducted.

Other Activities

To make the students ready to get across the real world we prepare them by organising school camps. To inculcate the values of discipline we observe scouts and guides , school assembly and club activities.

Students recreation activities like picnics and tours are also taken out by our school.

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